4 Ways to Embrace the Wabi-Sabi Home Design Trend

Polish Design is all about authenticity. Rather than always adding the latest shiny new thing or obsessing over making every detail perfect, similarly to Polish Design, adopters of Wabi-Sabi interiors find harmony in authenticity and imperfection.


Have you ever seen how a cracked pottery and vessels are mended with gold or silver resin in an effort to beautify their damage? This art is called kintsugi and its one of the best manifestation of wabi-sabi. Rather than trying to hide or replace broken or damaged pieces, kintsugi celebrates their age, fragility and history.

Get inspired and embrace imperfections! Consider artisinal furnishings and craftwork accessories over their mass produced counterparts. Handmade pieces may have tiny flaws and blemishes, but this all adds to their charm and character and makes is so very unique.



Surround yourself with the universally good vibes created by organic materials and elements from nature.   

Earthy vibes and organic materials are key to getting this look to work. Color-wise, consider blues, soft greens, beige and greys to create a sense of calm and serenity. Meanwhile, bamboo and solid wood textures help to align a space with nature, bringing a taste of the outside indoors.

We love everything in this shot! The Alp


In keeping with the idea of ’embracing imperfection’, wabi-sabi preaches a sustainable approach to home decor. First of all, keep posesions to a minimum, inviting only those things that create nostalgia and comfort. Choose items which are built to last, even if this means spending that little bit extra.

When a piece naturally reaches the end of its life cycle, flex your creativity in an effort to ensure they remain useful in the home; for example how about bringing that old floor board back to life by turning it into a book stand or a cracked tea pot into a vase?

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Perhaps the most important aspect of wabi-sabi decor is that you don’t have to subscribe to any trends. Your home should be filled with items that speak to you on a personal level, no matter how imperfect or quirky they might be. Forget about making your home look like a two-page catalog spread. It is about these unexpected pieces that create interest. It is enought that the world around you feel superficial; your home should be authentically you.


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