With the abundance of cheap, mass-produced furniture and design objects it has become increasingly necessary to incorporate elements that showcase detail and the human touch. Adding hand-woven pieces promotes a sense of connection with the people and spaces that surround us. 


With a neutral colour palette so prevalent in homes lately, texture is everything! 

As the days continue where we are spending the majority of our time at home due to the pandemic, creating a peaceful, comfortable environment has never been more important. 

Modern spaces filled with shiny finishes or glitzy fixtures benefit the most from grounding elements like the texture and warmth that are characteristic of woven furniture and accessories. Texture gives off a handmade edge making spaces feel lived in. Plus, it’s a little wink at the 70’s and 80’s.


They relax a room and make it more inviting.


Adding woven chairs and oversized lighting, paired with a rich wood table, instantly transforms a space into a tropical getaway. This calming vibe pairs well with the minimalism decor and neutral colour scheme. Rattan is typically affordable and being the weave is light and open, this tends to make spaces feel more open and airy.

While vibrant patterns and bright colours will continue to be popular with homeowners who desire to add personality and warmth to their spaces, the use of earthy tones, organic materials and comfy textiles is going to dominate the year.


Creating clean and well-defined spaces is also a key practice when it comes to minimalist home designs.

After a chaotic 2020, we’ll see more calming neutral colour palettes and pieces featuring soft edges, natural materials such as wood, stone and woven fabrics—all the elements that invoke a restful spirit and a feeling of serenity. And since we can’t seem to get enough mid-century modernism in our lives—or our homes—it only makes sense that woven wares are also making a comeback. 


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