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Studio Ziben “RE&UP” 

Furnitures and Collages Exhibition, Curator: Dr. Agnieszka Mori

28.04.2019 – 05.06.2019. Blurring the edge between fine art and design. Works by renowned Polish artists and designers. Presented by Consulate General of Poland in Hong Kong. 

It was a six-week-long project that features three exhibitions of both emerging and more established designers from Poland at the PMQ Creative Hub in the heart of Hong Kong. 

“RE&UP” was the first exhibition in Asia of internationally renowned artist and designer Mariusz Małecki /Studio Ziben (Poland, 1974). The exhibition was showcasing Studio Ziben's unique furniture together with the original collage art works.

Design, Craftsmanship, Sustainability and individual Approach combine with Functionality and Timelessness.

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