SAKRED is a LIMITED GLASSWARE LINE which perfectly matches the overall body of work of Karim Rashid - one of the best creators in Global Design. The perfect, pure form is  a hallmarkof the works by this timeless artist. 


Set of 2 - Whistek Glasses come packed in a very elegant gift box. 


KROSNO is an iconic brand and a global showpiece of Polish glassware, established in 1923


SAKRED collection

Karim Rashid named his unique collection SAKRED because it is based on the sacred geometry of forms. He created his glass “sculptures” using the perfect, pure symmetry of cylinder and cone - the forms he considers as the most universal ones. The artist refers to them as the shapes which hide a soul inside.
The harmony of proportions makes SAKRED an extraordinarily noble collection which emanates sublime elegance. The glassware assumes refined beauty and unique style.
The collection deserves to be viewed as incredibly modern owing to an intriguing combination of regular shapes and unique colors. The designer reckons that distinct contours and colors fill everyday life with a feeling of strength, stability and purity, which is precisely what one expects from contemporary design.

Whiskey Glasses by Karim Rashid - SAKRED

SKU: 1120
  • Set of 2: H 80 mm ∅ 80 mm 250 ml 8.4 oz



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