366 Junior Rocking Chair is an armchair from a series of furniture matched to the iconic armchair 366, designed by Józef Chierowski from 1962. It was resumed under an exclusive license by 366 Concept in 2014.

The 366 Rocking Chair Junior is a smaller version of the Rocking Chair. Available in various colors and materials. The 366 Junior armchair will look beautiful in a child's room. Furniture from the 366 Junior collection is intended for children from 3 to 12 years old. Thanks to the Aqua Clean coating, fabrics from the Loft and Velvet series can be easily cleaned from markers with felt-tip pens, crayons or after-meal stains.

Armchairs designed by Józef Chierowski have been sold since the 1960s and are a true icon of design. Armchair production was resumed in 2014 by 366 Concept. The armchair has won numerous awards. In 2015, it received one of the most important design awards - MUST HAVE 2015.


The armchair combines the best features of a classic design. Comfortable and well-designed. Vintage style suits any interior, the armchair with small shapes and great ergonomics is a real Must Have. Chierowski's armchair was produced for over 20 years and only now has it obtained the target form the designer dreamed of. The screws securing the seat and legs have been hidden.


366 Concept is a Polish retro furniture company that believes in sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious values. 




Józef Chierowski was an Iconic Polish interior and piano designer, as well as a lecturer at the Academy of Art in Wrocław. Chierowski designed the most popular piece of Polish Mid-Century furniture – the 366 Armchair. Thanks to its minimalist design and lightweight wooden construction, it was an instant success, soon found in almost every office, café and restaurant in Poland. The 366 Armchair was manufactured for over 20 years. Despite its success, this masterpiece never received recognition outside of Poland.


PREMIUM QUALITY - Excellence results from hard work. Quality is a word that is easily misused. Our quality is the facts: many years of experience of employees, the latest production technologies, beautiful and durable finishing materials, seasoned wood. Thanks to them, 366 Concept - Retro Furniture looks even better than in the pictures.

CULTURAL HERITAGE - We believe Good Design is Timeless. That is why we bring back only Premium Icons of Polish Mid-Century Design, which have already passed the test of time and have proven themselves to be timeless. Authentic Icons of the 60s, made with exellent quality materials and a contemporary touch. Our furniture is finished with utmost care to ensure top-shape longevity.

100% MADE IN POLAND - Our products are manufactured exclusively in Poland; in modern, safe plants, by experienced craftsmen with whom we have worked for years. Our company fair trade policy exceeds many of the European standards. Buying from us, you are sure to give people safe work and fair salary.

ZERO WASTE - 366 Concept put great effort into making business fair: sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious. Company lunched eco-friendly program. Every bought product gives planet a new tree, for future generations. 366 Concept have decided to not transport furniture wrapped into plastic bags. Instead of this company use only paper carton, bags and tags created from recycled paper. There is no waste from fabrics too, each piece is reusable as sampler for clients.  

Rocking Armchair JUNIOR 366, 1960s

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