MOUNTAIN: Can there be anything more precious than children's smile? Our rocker makes everyone smile. Introducing The Mountain, handcrafted pretty blue rocker for your child, an unique intersection of luxurious design and function in a piece of furniture/toy. Main part was created from durable, yet lightweight materials covered with comfy foam and high quality wool textile. Then we assemble it on the natural, solid oak wood base with implemented rubber stripes to make it stable and perfectly compatible with your floors.


Hyggelig was brought to life as the solution for modern parents who seek entertaining toy for their children which don’t ruin stylish interior design of their apartments.

Fascinated by ‘hygge’ philosophy, the designers decided to convey their feelings and experiences through the medium of compelling aesthetics and subtle form.
'Hygge' could be described as a spiritual feeling or experience of cosiness at multiple different aspects of life. It underlines importance of family and unity.

In today’s fast paced word, we observe that people don't always pay enough attention to simply experience everyday moments with their relatives. Therefore, we encourage you to cherish your time, share it with friends and family; Because at the end, is there anything more important than family and friends?

Hyggelig. Moments to remember.

Luxury Rocker - The Banana

SKU: 1067
  • Made in: Poland, Europe

    Material: European oak Textile: Wool

    Best for children 2-5 years of age.



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