How to nail the modern retro style in 4 easy steps

Modern Retro styles of the 50s, 60s and event 70s bring unique interior design ideas how to create distinct and beautiful rooms. Modern rooms in retro styles blend elegantly comfortable home furnishings and design materials like glass, colourful plastic, metal and wood to recreate the bright and functional mid-century atmosphere.

A fascinating thing about mid-century interiors is that design has no substantial restrictions on texture combinations or colour, making it very achievable. Retro-modern interiors can look eclectic while mixing and matching old and new furnishings and decor ideas. Elegant simplicity, functionality and ultimate comfort are essential elements of the retro-modern interior design.

KLIP Lifestyle shares tips and inspirations for adding a mid-century flair to modern homes.

Don’t be afraid of Bright Colours

One of the easiest ways to give a room a retro feel is to choose retro colors. Red and Avocado green are the most popular retro color choices, then we have mustard yellow and combinations of brown, achromatic white and black and orange. In addition, purple and pink both make a great addition to your retro décor.

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2. Fluency of lines, clearness of shapes

Fill your rooms with items which can seem incompatible at a first glance, but rather functional and comfortable. Try to combine sophisticated simplicity with elegance and strength by only using the best quality statement pieces that are highly practical, such as for example a statement chair or a funky shape mirror on the wall.


3. Uncommon materials for furniture production

Retro style furniture has an abstract feel to it, with each piece almost fighting for the limelight as the focal point of the room. Sofas are broad and elongated with multi-colored throw pillows for an added dash of color. The sixties were the times of progress, allowing to use uncommon materials for furniture production. For instance, plastic could be used for chairs, tables, lamp shades and others.

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4. Wall Art

The chief idea for the retro-styled buildings was to create a cozy and cheering atmosphere, therefore people tried to fill the house with unusual and bright items as well as huge amount of books (as the youth were highly intellectual then). Wall Art was bright, colourful and expressive.

Think Andy Warhol and his production of portraits of celebrities and posters with advertisement of soup and ketchup. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the retro-sixties without colourful and bright posters with effective pop-art graphics.

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