Interiors of the future in the eco trend

The effects of human’s interference in the ecosystem is increasingly in our consciousness. Environmental and climate change requires sustainable action. Responsible resource management, zero waste, waste recycling are just some of the solutions we can use right now when sourcing Art and Furniture.  And what will they look like in the future?

To change the world, we need to change ourselves, and the first thing to do is the optimization of the space we live in. Try to opt in for highest quality organic materials such as 100% Virgin Sheep’s Wool from New Zeland used in Trefle Stools.

Responsible breeding ensures the highest quality of raw material, which is soft, clean and shiny, making it ideal for spinning, weaving and dyeing. 


Wool is a renewable resource, very comfortable because of its ability to give off humidity, flame retardant, biodegradable, naturally soil resistant and ages with grace.

The raw material applied in the panel production process of Mamu Chairs has OEKO-TEX certificate and is 100% free of heavy metals.

Contemporary reissue of Type 200-190 Chair designed in the 1960s and brought back into production in 2014 under exclusive licence to 366 Concept. 366 Concept is a Polish retro furniture company that believes in sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious values. ZERO WASTE - 366 Concept put great effort into making business fair: sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious.


Company lunched eco-friendly program. Every bought product gives planet a new tree, for future generations. 366 Concept have decided to not transport furniture wrapped into plastic bags. Instead of this company use only paper carton, bags and tags created from recycled paper. There is no waste from fabrics too, each piece is reusable as sampler for clients.  

Re-cycled Up-cycled Art

'Invisible Cities 1' is made of recycled materials from the artist's private collection, collected by Małecki for many years. They combine paper, wood and other materials. The way Małecki built the images composition is similar to how he creates the furniture. 100% handmade.

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